Audiobooks Are Giving Me Life

In June, my work commute increased to 80 miles per day. Over the weeks, I’ve grown tired of listening to the morning shows (they’re pretty much all the same)… Read more.

Write What You [Don’t] Know

Nuggets of writing advice are well meaning, but sometimes, advice without explication can be as useless as a bag of potpourri in a landfill… Read more.

Sometimes, life says…

Slow down, especially during high-paced periods. I tend to slow down and seek breathing room whenever my fast-forward button is pressed. That means I step away from my to-do list. I stop writing… Read more.

Lez Talk is a Goldie Finalist!

The Golden Crown Literary Society has selected Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction as a 2017 Goldie Award finalist. The awards will be presented at their conference in July.

Shout Out!
I received notification that my book (The Dawn of Nia) has been accepted into the Library Journal’s curated SELF-e Select Module, which helps develop… Read more.

It’s 2017! Bring on the Goodreads
I’m not a big birthday celebrator. I try to avoid parties, birthday wishes, or… Read more.

In the News
Thank you Catalina for talking to Stephanie and I about our first collaborative publication, Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Short Fiction. As Catalina explained, we collaborated to… Read more.

I Failed NaNoWriMo!
NaNoWriMo 2014 and 2015 were mini disasters for me… Read more.

More Reviews to Come…
Guess what? I’m a lesbrian now! I’m reviewing les/bi books for the Lesbrary. Check out my… Read more.

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?
It’s etched into my memory; the craziness and effectiveness of it. What appealed to me during this fleeting period of viral fundraising was the fact that… Read more.

Photos from Charis Books and More
Pics from recent Lez Talk Blog Tour… Read more.

Oprah to Star in Upcoming Film about Henrietta Lacks
I love me some Oprah. Not the talk show or Master Class Oprah. I love me some I-can-play-the-hell-out-of-a-poor-Black-woman Oprah… Read more.

5 Minute Blog Post About… Lil Kim
I’m on Facebook surfing…deflecting. In actuality, I should be thinking about my next short story. But anyway, I’m Facebook stalling and see that several of my 185 friends have shared Lil Kim’s recent… Read more.

Black Women and BDSM?
Today, I read the article “When you want to be into BDSM but it’s too soon because you’re black.” I won’t provide an overview of Luna Malbroux’s BDSM experiences, troubles, or humor. I’ll let you dive into the article, and I’ll just share my thoughts about the topic as it relates to Black women… Read more.