Review: Goslyn County

Gosslyn County Cover Although Goslyn County is a big little town, an unfolding investigation thrusts Olivia into big-city action. Olivia Winston and Maureen Jeffries are a crime-solving duo whose mutual attraction buds into sweet romance without compromising their professional obligations. Their romantic pasts are plagued with disappointments, but this doesn’t stop Olivia or Maureen from trusting in the possibility of happily ever after.

I particularly appreciate the positivity of the story, a nice departure from heavy subjects (and the silliness) often threaded into stories with Black lesbian characters. The light-hearted narrative is family-oriented, featuring emotionally mature characters, endearing friendships, and a committed community.

While reading, it became clear that the author is very comfortable with and knowledgeable about Olivia and Maureen’s occupations. Their roles (Olivia, a detective; Maureen, an IRS Special Agent) were both central to the plot and delivered with ease. This gave the story an authentic feel.

I am surprised that Goslyn County didn’t feature a strong antagonist, especially with the investigation being the pivotal theme. Because of this, the plot progression seems a bit too easy.

This, however, doesn’t detract from the charm of several characters.

This book is recommended to readers in search of a “snuggle up” read and feel-good moments.

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