Review: The Butterfly Moments

The Butterfly MomentsI loved the writing in The Butterfly Moments, the depth of some of the characters, and the story as a whole. I feel like Bess took her time with aspects of the storytelling as well as the crafting of the main character, Alana Blue. It was nice to spend time with a character who was in the midst of major life transition (career and love-wise). Despite the transition, Alana remained focused and emotionally rooted in her values and expectations. The author weaved a few subplots into Alana’s story. Some felt natural to Alana’s progression while others were a distraction. The murder-mystery took a back seat to Alana’s evolving romance(s), which was okay for the most part. But, the pacing of the interchanging plots stalled what I feel like is the heart of the story: the trails and triumphs of Alana’s journey. For example, Alana discovered the “truth” about her daughter, though Alana never addresses her daughter and holds her accountable. This loose ending and other distractions, however, don’t undermine the strength of Bess’s writing or her ability to deliver a good story.

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