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My buddy and fellow writer S. Andrea Allen can pretty much talk me into anything, LOL. And that’s okay. When she suggested that I “apply” to be reviewer for the Lesbrary I was like, “Okay, will do.” Why not write a review of one the books I plan to read? Kill two birds with one stone, right?

Well, I’m lesbrian now! I’m committed to reading and reviewing a les/bi fiction title each month. I’ve already submitted my first review for The Island and the Kite, which you can read here.


Was the story interesting? Yes. Did the story have issues? Uh-huh. But, I find positives in whatever book that I read. A writer can learn from any writer’s strengths and weaknesses, the high and lows of any title.

To end, my reviews will post on the Lesbrary site every 2nd Sunday!

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